Pet Connections:




February 10, 2011:

Today was a nice day. I wagged a lot and did some barking, but no walk today. It was cold out and the lawn was sinky. I had to go out there and sink in to do my business. then I came in and licked my paws. I got to sit at the table today while the people ate. I like to put my chin on the tablecloth and look up at them. They give me things if I do that. Kibble is getting old. And it’s noisy. It rattles in the dish when I eat and so is not a peaceful food like mushed up vegetables are. Or cottage cheese which I really like. There is something to be said for crunch though--witness red bell peppers. Oh that’s good. arf. I got some good naps. I like sleeping.


February 11, 2011:

the sun is shining out the window but the lawn is still sinky. I hate that. If the sun keeps shining until warm time maybe we will go to the dog park today. More later. I have to sleep a bit now. The afternoon went well. Mom took me out for a walk and I got to sniff everything I wanted. I peed too and saw some cute girl dogs. I got pretty tired though. I had to come home and sleep for a few hours. Mom worked at the table. It wasn’t anything to do with food. There was no smell. I looked at her feet under the table. Then dinner time came and I got to smell the salmon cooking and beg for some. They each gave me a little. It was so good. I think. I am not really sure because I swallowed it. I keep trying to remember to taste things but they are gone by the time I think of it.

February 13, 2011:

I couldn’t bring myself to blog yesterday. Mom took me for a walk in the morning and a leaf nearly did me in. As we walked by the park, the leaf was just sitting there. Suddenly a wind came and the leaf ran toward me, making a horrible skittering noise. I was so upset I had to go home and sleep for a few hours and those few hours were my blogging time. So no blog. Today though I had a better time. I got to sit in the car while Mom went on errands. I like doing that even if she leaves me out there a long time because for some reason I keep thinking she will remember me and how cute I am and come back quickly. When she does come out she says things like, “How’s my boy?” and “Did you miss me?” She musses up my do and kisses my head. I like that part.


February 14, 2011:

Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t find anyone to love. I spent most of the day alone. I got a few dog cookies and ate them. Looked out the window and saw Gizmo and I cried a little bit. It was a pretty bad day in dogtown.


February 15, 2011:

Mario came to visit today. that was fun for about 5 minutes but then he took his skinny little self and crawled under a blanket and went to sleep. Mom spent all day upstairs with Dad and the kids, working on art. I was alone downstairs. I don’t like it up in that studio. It’s hot and the floor is hard. I rang the bell and rang the bell and finally someone came and let me out and I barked a few times. That felt good. I hope someone out there heard what I had to say! I’m sleepy now.


February 16, 2011:

Snow came out of the sky today. It fell all over everything and made a big mess. Then it was suddenly gone. I like when it piles up and I get to walk in it and crunch it, but when it just gets everything wet I am not a fan. I missed Mario a little bit today. I wish he would play with me when he comes over. He just gets all shaky and goes to sleep in a blanket.


February 17, 2011:

I had to go to the doctor today. Even though I pulled the leash as tight as I could, my Mom would not let me stay in the car. She brought me right up to the torture counter and let them take me away. They stuck me with needles. I was feeling very alone! Then all day at home, Mom waited to find out what was the matter with me and why I am so fat. They called at last and said that I was just fat. Nothing seems to be wrong. So now what? Even less food? I went to sleep and dreamed of a T bone steak. It sure was good. Good for nothing, I mean!


February 19, 2011:

My food ran out so mom tricked me with some really good food from a can. I ate my breakfast thinking this would be my diet from now on. Then they left me and went out. When they came home much much later they had a new bag of food for me. No cans. Then Mom left and went out looking all pretty and Dad fed me my dinner. I was not very enthused about the new food even though I got more. It doesn’t make that cool little tapping sound in my dish and the bites are bigger. I felt so sad that I took a long nap. When I woke up my Mom was home at last. I threw myself on her lap and let her know how I felt. I fell asleep there on her. She patted me and gave me love. I love my Mom. Even though she starves me.


February 18, 2011:

My family decided to go to a town up north for an antique sale. I got to go along but I had to sit in the car all day. It was so cold. I tried to bundle up but I have no hands so I just sat on the blanket and looked sadly out the window. They stopped for lunch at Spiffy’s and they were in there a long time. They came out smelling like yummy meat and potatoes. I got nothing. Then the antique part. They took me out to pee in the cold and then abandoned me and went shopping for an hour in the warm store. When they came out I thought we were going home, but they just took me out to pee again and then left me freezing in the car. On the way home it rained and rained and I slept because I was so exhausted from sitting there trying to be warm.


February 21, 2011:

Something is going on. Suitcases are coming down from the closet and laundry is being done again. It feels like maybe they will be leaving me. I am anxious today. I think Mom is tense. She makes me quake. I sit quiet and try not to annoy her.


February 23, 2011:

Everybody went out but me. I stayed in that place and tried not to freak out. The sounds were not usual. They were scary. I pitched a fit at first and barked my head off, but no one listened so I just shut up and went to sleep. When they all came home they brought Auntie Kelly and Uncle Bob and a new person with them. She is nice and has soft hands. I think her name is Rina. There were a lot of people in Grandma’s house. I was not very quiet but no one bothered me very much. Mom held me a little while. At night we went back to the other place and Mom and Dad and I sat together for a while before we went to bed in the big bed.


February 25, 2011:

We went home today in snow. It was kind of scary for me. I can’t see out the windows so I just lay very low on the seat and pray that I will live to get home. Somehow I did so someone was listening, I guess. There is snow in our yard and it’s fun. I step in it and it lets me sink in but it’s not like the sinky grass.


February 27, 2011:

Mom put the big noisy wash machine on and pulled clothes out of the basket, into the machine, out of the machine in long strands and into the other warm machine and then out again. It’s so monotonous. I don’t know why she does that. It went on all day! Then she cooked some meat that smelled good all day! We watched TV early, sitting together on the couch. I slept. I like being home. I like how the house smells like us. It is very noisy in our yard with wind and rain and it’s very very cold.


March 1, 2011:

: Mario came today with Jen and Tyler. He wasn’t much fun. Our Moms left and we didn’t speak until they returned. He slept on one end of the couch and I slept on the other most of the day. Finally our Dads also left and we were alone. I am not used to sharing my alone time. They all came home at once, fed us and then made soup and ate. They were silly then and noisy and finally Mario and his family went home.


March 3, 2011:

Everybody left me again today. I slept a lot and dreamed I lived with a big pack of dogs. I ran and played and barked and we all peed on a tree at once. It was very exciting until I woke up and was all alone. Finally they came home and Mom took me outside. I thought it was going to be fun but those washing ladies came and took me in their little house on wheels and washed me! I was not very happy then! But I looked very handsome and fluffy when they finished. I posed most of the day after that.


Saturday, March 5, 2011: 

Mom sat up in bed and said, “Beware the Ides of March!”  I don’t know what she meant but she scared me.  I was anxious most of the day.  I dragged my duck everywhere and squeezed honks out of him.  The rolling noise machine came out of the closet today, too, and went all over the house pulling Dad.  I begged to go outside but it took them a long time to hear my bell ringing with the machine on.  Mom washed all my nice hair out of the bathmat.  I got to take a walk.  The sun was out and that made my day.  I barked for a while.


Monday, March 7, 2011:

I found this pillow on the couch and stuffed my blanket up to it and then I slept there today.  It was very comfy.  And I could see what everyone was doing when I opened my eyes because my head was up high.  I got to eat a Brussel Sprout.  It was good, I think.  I forgot to chew again and so I’m not sure.  When I was down on the floor I found something under the couch.  I can’t get it out so I’m not sure what it is.  Not food, I don’t think.  I’ll keep an eye on it, just in case it’s alive and comes out to bite me. 


Wednesday, March 9, 2011:

Mom left the house before breakfast.  I wasn’t even sure she left it was so early.  Pretty soon she came back and I got to watch the people eat.  We spent most of the day in the office with her at her chair and me trying to keep warm on the floor.   A pretty boring day for dogs.  Rain.  After dark Auntie Kim and Uncle Russ came over.  Dad made fish which stunk but then they had pie and I was wishing I was a people so I could have some. 


Friday, March 11, 2011: 

My mom went to work today.  She doesn’t do that very often any more.  I didn’t like it even though Dad let me go in the car with him to grandma’s house for little while.  I missed my mom.  It was just a sad sad day.  The sun was shining but it made no difference.  I hope she never does this again.


Sunday, March 13, 2011: 

We went to Grandma’s house today to fix some stuff.  She gave me a treat.  I love to go see her because she has food just laying around on the floor by her chair and I can lick some up.  It was raining so I got to stay in the car when my people went on errands.  I heard that dum dum dum of the rain on the car top.  It was kind of scary but not too much.  I got in the corner and just waited.  They always come back.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011:

Mom washed all the clothes in the house.  She ironed and sewed.  I think she’s up to something.  I barked a lot today because it was cold out and rainy and there isn’t much else to do.  I got to go to my friend basil’s house.  He has a new cat.  I like the cat but the cat is a little bit slashy.  She slashed at my face and I barked at her and chased her around and around.  Basil helped.  Then we barked at the window because a dog went by.  We played with the two little boys there also.  They are good and never hit me.  Some boys once hit me.  I was afraid of boys then but these boys are not hitters.  I like Basil’s house.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011:

I have been staying at my friend Basil's house for a while now. It seems like a long time, at least in dogtown it's long. But maybe my people will come home today. I would be happy to see them but I don't want them to know that so I have been practicing being sad and moody. When they finally pick me up I should have it well in hand. I know how to sit on the couch and ignore them. They give me lots of treats if I do it really well. So that is my plan for the day—practice, practice, practice. Basil is a good audience for my rehearsals. He is my best friend ever.

While I have been at his house I have been treated very well. I get to cuddle with these two little boys who share their blankets with me. I am so lucky. The people here are very nice and let me sleep in their bed. They have to lift me, though, because I am too fat to jump way up on the high bed they have. If I try, I fall down the side and land on my butt. The floors here are clicky. When I run around and around, my feet go scritchy scratch and I like it so much that I am thinking I might want to live here. But then I would miss my people and my special places in the house where I live.


Friday, March 25, 2011:

I got to go for a ride today.  I don’t know where we went.  I like to ride and sleep.  I miss Basil.  I heard some kids outside today so I barked at them and they didn’t even look at me.  I know I sound like a roaring tiger but they just kept going and didn’t even notice.  I think I am big.  Don’t they know it? My mom went away for a while.  She came back later smelling like bacon.  I think she keeps secrets. 


Sunday, March 27, 2011:

The people went away this morning for a while and came back with a bag and smelling like meat.  I stayed home in the warm house and waited.  I waited a long time.  Waiting is so boring that I sleep most of the time I am waiting.  Then Dad went upstairs and Mom went to the office and I slept by her feet.  All the rest of the day.  I spend a lot of time sleeping by her feet.  I wish she would get some cuter shoes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011:

My friend Mario came over today.  He was his usual blanket-loving self.  I was happy that he came but I was not going to share my treats with him, I’ll tell you that!  Mom and Jen went out for a while but Dad stayed here with Tyler and they hid out in the studio so Mario and I were on our own.  We didn’t do anything, though.  I like to sit with my Mom.  I hope she sits down pretty soon so I can cuddle up to her. 


Thursday, March 31, 2011: 

Some sun came out today for a few minutes.  It was pretty and made me feel happy.   Then it went away.  The noise box rang and jangled a bunch of times today. Then Mom sat around with it stuck to her head, talking and talking.  I am about sick and tired of this intrusion.  Maybe I should take the box and put it in the flusher.  We are making soup and I get to eat extra things like broccoli and carrots.  Some days I feel so grateful to live with my people.   They are good to me.  Some days.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tyler came to work today but he didn’t bring Mario.  I waited but he never came in.  Then I forgot about him.  I spent a lot of time on my fur mat in the office while Mom worked at the computer, tapping away.  When she ate a cooky I watched for crumbs.  She didn’t leave any behind.  The sun came out for a while and I found a puddle of it on the rug and took a nap there. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

Some days are just not meant to be remembered. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today the people stayed home all day.  Mom went on the walking machine and got tired.  Then she got down on the floor and flipped around, lifting her legs and arms and sighing.  She does this almost every morning.  It’s pretty funny.  I like to get down by her and put my neck on top of her face.  She kisses me but then she pushes me and says, “Bailey, get back!  You’re right in my face!”  Well, I know that!  It’s what I meant to do!  I don’t think people are so smart. Mom cooked a big piece of meat in the big hot white box.  It smelled so good.  When it came out it wasn’t so big anymore.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I went for a ride in Dad’s Mustang.  I got to sit in the front seat on top of Mom.  The sun was shining on us so that even though it was kind of a cool day we got very hot. She did not make me sit under that belt.  I was glad because it makes me feel like a steer, all tied up and ready to get branded.  When she got out to go do an errand I got to sit in the seat like a human and sniff and look out the window.  I am very pretty today because I got a bath yesterday and I got brushed.  I am fluffy and whiter than white.  I know I am cute but I like to hear about it anyway.  Not one person came by the car and smiled at me.  Not one.  It was a bitter disappointment but I still liked going out.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

All the people stayed in today.  They spent the day on the couch first and then in the office, reading and looking up stuff.  I tried to participate but there was nothing for me to do.  Finally after dinner we all went out walking.  I sniffed a lot.  I sniffed for all the days I have not been outside. I left some pee in a few places just in case Jack comes by.  I want him to know where I live.  When I came home, I slept on the floor.  Some ducks flew over the house and woke me up honking. I barked at them and my anger was evident, even to them.  They shut up pretty quick  and flew away like a big V in the sky. 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jen and Tyler came over to play but they didn’t play with me.  Mario did, though.  He was feeling kind of frisky.  We sparred a little bit and I barked at him but he is so old that he doesn’t pay much attention to what I say.  I found him in the blanket again. I think he hides from me there.  There was a lot of good food cooking.  I didn’t get any, though.  Only the people got company food.  At least I got my own food!  Mario got nothing. 


Saturday, April 16, 2011

I played in the yard and I found some mud.  I put in on.  I like mud.  Mom did not seem very pleased or amused.  She did not say, “Look how cute you are!” She glared instead.  She did not snarl or bite, though.  I don’t think she is yet reduced to dogdom.  I slept a lot on the floor today.  The floor is good if I am by the vent.  I get cozy and sleep really good.  But I miss my blanket on the floor.

Monday, April, 18, 2011

Mondays are lonely days.  I spend most of Monday alone waiting or sleeping.  My people are busy with shopping and washing in the big white box.  I am busy with day dreams about treats and walks and visitors.  After everyone came home and stayed here, I got to have dinner and then we cuddled on the couch and I got brushed.  I love to be brushed.  It feels so good and my entire collection of knots goes away to the dog discard pile.  I got some popcorn.  It was good.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I got to lay on the rug in the office and watch my mom work for a few hours.  I didn’t see much, though, because my eyes were closed up tight and I was thinking of something else.  Late in the day she took me to the mailbox with her.  It is 3 houses away.  When she opens the door I run out to the parkway and sniff until she’s done getting the mail and is going home.  Then she gets mad at me for not running to keep up with her.  I guess she just doesn’t know how important it is to pay attention during the sniffing ritual.  I did not find anything to roll in.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I got to go to the dog park AGAIN!  I am very excited that I got to go there with Wrigley and Comiski.  They are big and other dogs stay away from us.  I feel like I am in a good gang or a wild kind of family.  We also went to my grandma’s house and I got to sit in the red chair and look attractive.  I found some candy and a cooky under a chair and also some crumbs in the kitchen.  I love going to grandma’s house because she can’t seem to see very well and continues to invite me over when the crumb piles get bothersome.  I love to help out my grandma and clean them up for her.  She also pats nicely.  I got to go for some other rides, too.  With my new haircut, I was very cute.

Thursday, May 26, 2011:  I am pretty sick of blogging.  I have taken off over a month but I still can’t get into it.  I think it’s a good thing for someone else.  I don’t know who.  That’s enough of this.  Besides my haircut made me very popular and I don’t need to blog to get friends now. 


February 20, 2011:

Boring day. I got to lay on the floor in Mom’s office by the heater vent. At least I was warm. She sat in that new white chair for four hours. I waited. She finally went to the couch and watched a movie. So I sat there with her. It’s so cold. I squeezed up tight to Mom, but I didn’t much like this day.


February 22, 2011:

We left! We ALL left! We drove all day and I got the whole backseat to myself. I don’t much like all this driving, but it’s better than staying home alone. We went to see my grandma in Grants Pass, OR. It was so cold there and we stayed in that strange place with the green chair. I have been there before. Right next door is grandma. I don’t know why I can’t just stay at her house and leave my hair on her furniture. I like it there better because the heat is up at her house. Cozy! And it smells good there, too. Grandpa Joe told us stories after dinner. It was fun. I got to nap while he talked.


February 24, 2011:

: It’s so cold here but at least the yard is not sinky. It’s just kind of stiff and snappy. I get to poop in the front yard here. And sniff. Someone else was here before me, I can tell. Grandma cooked today. Something smelled just right at breakfast. Like eggs or ham or something I can’t eat. It was quiet for a long time. I found the perfect corner of the couch and slept there for a my first nap. No one has noticed how good I am being.


February 26, 2011:

: It is very cold here and icy. Mom yelled because our pipes were frozen where the hot water comes out. I cowered. Later they went away for a lot of hours and left me here with the cold pipes. Then they came home and were running around and then they left again all dressed up. It was so cold. I was sad and alone and just about hated being the dog in this house. Then they came home and gave me some popcorn and I loved them again.


February 28, 2011:

Nothing happened today except I ate my food and slept on my fur rug. I like when Mom puts on the fire in the box on the wall. It’s warm then. It was a cold day. Not my favorite. I have to go outside and touch the green with my toes. I hate that.


March 2, 2011:

Today is my birthday. I am six. My Mom sang me a song about 500 times and I got sick of it. I don’t know why she kept singing it like I couldn’t hear it the first time. Then Dad sang it. Oh man. Mom went out to grandma’s house and then she came home and woke me up and then she and Dad went out again and came home smelling like popcorn. On my birthday! I was sad. Mom didn’t feel very good and went to bed early and I went, too. We left Dad alone watching TV. My birthday ended with me asleep.


March 4, 2011:

: The rain keeps making the yard sinky. I hate it. I wish the sun would come out and make it all warm and cozy by the window. My paws are sore from walking in that icky grass to do my doggie tasks. Mom and Dad left me again for a long time. I think it was long. I slept most of it. Then Mom made the house smell good with some food in the big pot. I want it all.


Sunday, March 6, 2011: 

With the house clean there is not much to sniff.  I got up with Dad and we let Mom sleep.  She snored for a while but finally got up and made food.  

Went out for a walk which was a nice change.  The rest of the day was boring.  They left me alone for a long time so I slept but I woke up in time to meet them at the door looking lonely so they would feel terrible.  Having trouble jumping these days.  I guess I should just stay on the floor. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011:

I got to go with Mom to the car fixer in the morning.  We sat together on a small chair. She sure takes up a lot of room!  Mom read a book while I continued to adjust myself to fit her lap and the little bits of chair around her. Oh and that Mario came over again today.  He seems to feel kind of poorly.  He spent the day shivering while everyone else was hot!   All the people worked upstairs in the studio.  But even though they said they were working I heard them laughing up there and I know they ate some cookies.  Once they were done they ate dinner and talked a lot.  It was good when Mario went home and I got my couch to myself and also my Mom.


Thursday, March 10, 2011: 

Today I took a walk with the people.  But first Mom stood on the scale and held me and said, “Oh my goodness, Bailey, you have put on more weight!”  I think it was her who put on more weight and she wanted to blame me.  Anyway on our walk the little orange cat came over to play with me.  She rolled in the grass and said, “Hello, Meow.”  I love that she calls me Meow. A big leaf tried to roll over to me, too, but I got away quickly.  I got to sleep in the office by the metal hole in the floor which is the warmest place in that room.  I barked at the window and I wagged at Mom all day.  I feel pretty fine on this rainy-sunny day.   


Saturday, March 12, 2011: 

My mom went to work again!  I am having a lot of anxiety over this. She brought home presents for Dad but nothing for me.  I think she has forgotten me.  Maybe she will go again tomorrow. I won’t know until the sun comes up again.  I wish I could tell her, “Please!  Mom don’t go again!  I don’t like when you aren’t here!”  But I can’t talk people talk.  So I just look at her and moan.


Monday, March 14, 2011: 

Mom washed sheets and made up the bed.  It’s funny like a big tent with the fresh sheets falling on the top.  I haven’t ever been able to get under there, though.  She is too fast.  We went to the dog park and I smelled lots of dogs and ran around in the sun.  I love sun.  I am sad when it’s gone so long.  I stepped in puddles and got my feet all soggy wet.  Dad wasn’t very happy with me.  We should go more often and I would have better manners.  I slept the rest of the day. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011:

My people came home!  They came for me when I least expected it.  I am very happy.  We got on the couch and I got to sit in the middle and make everyone hot.  Just like Old Times. They did not bring me anything.  But I am glad that they are home and so am I. 


Thursday, March 24, 2011:

Mom has been gone a lot. She comes home with bags of food.  Then she puts clothes in that big box machine and they come out clean later after lots of humming noise.  She took me into the forest for a walk...that part was very good.  Dad has been sick.  He came back sniffling from his away time.  He coughs and his voice is funny.  Kind of round and soft.  He stays in bed until late.  I hope he gets better soon so he can take me places. 


Saturday, March 26, 2011: 

My people sat most of the day on the couch and watched TV.  I think they are both sick now.  They cough and moan.  It’s not much fun but it’s kind of funny.  I have a nice fur blanket on the floor by the fireplace where I flop down and pretend to sleep.  I watch them with my eyes sort of shut.  People are very strange creatures.  Why don’t they just go to sleep? 


Monday, March 28, 2011:

 I sit around and sit around all day.  My people cough and sniff.  The sky is cloudy.  This is about the worst day in a long time.  I won’t tell any more.  I have to sleep and dream about running. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

I wagged for a while today and then I went out back in the sinky grass and barked and barked.  Nothing going on in the house.  The people are still sick.  They make loud barking noises, too, but I know they are not dogs.  I did not get a walk, I did not get a treat.  What is life coming to here on 42nd St.?


Friday, April 1, 2011: 

I had a dream about running.  When I woke up I was so tired.  I went back to sleep.  When I woke up I was hungry because I didn’t remember having a dream where I ate.  I wish I could remember if I had one because I like to eat.  Mom went out and Dad worked all day.  I watched for puppies out the window but no one came over.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today some relatives of my people came over to pick up a chair.  They weren’t here very long, though.  I thought they might come in and eat something, drop a crumb or two, stay a while, but they didn’t.  I went out on the little grass place by the driveway and did a lot of sniffing.  Someone has been there.  If it were not so sinky I would have sniffed more and tried to figure out who it was.  I got a stab-toe from something in the grass.  Mom thought she would fix it but she only squeezed my pads and made it hurt more.  I licked it and it came out.  My tongue is my secret weapon. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everyone should have a story.  I think mine is not here yet.  I keep waiting for a big event.  I took a nap on the couch with Mom today and then later the people left for dinner and didn’t come back until after dark.  They came in silly and laughing which was kind of fun.  While they were gone I tried to meditate but it was so boring that I fell asleep after the first OM.  It rained during the day and then sometimes the sun came out.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today mom took me to the dog park.  The sun was shining but there weren’t many dogs.  They have put in a new fence to keep one area just for small dogs.  Mom read the sign and then told me to stay on my diet or I can’t go in there.  I always verge on fat.  It is my destiny.  I saw Toby there and his new roommate Jack.  Jack is very small and fuzzy and I like him so much that now I might not bite Toby.  Toby is always so enthused.  It drives me crazy.  I just have to bite him!  Those happy shining eyes!  UGH!  Slow down, Toby.  Life ain’t that great!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mom left for a long time. The sun was shining.  When she came home she had new shoes.  She made me smell them.  “Real leather!” she said. Smelled like something dead out on the lawn to me!  She wore them all day and danced around the house.  I think people are very weird to put things on their feet.  How do they know if the ground is wet?  How do they remember where they have been? How do they toughen up their pads?   There is a big black window on the wall. Sometimes I see baby dogs in the window.  They bark and jump and then a person talks and then music comes out and then the dogs disappear.  People sit in chairs and stare at the window.  They laugh and don’t talk.  I don’t get the point of it.   Where do all those doggies go? Why does the window turn black suddenly when the people get bored?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Sometimes I like to stare at walls.  I sit a long time and look at the color.  My people think it’s funny but I don’t.  I get a kick out of what they say to me while I stare.  They say things like, “Bailey, what do you see there?”  What do they think?  That I see something they don’t?  For heaven’s sake!  It’s a wall!  I see the wall.  That’s what I see.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My people fooled me today.  They said, “Bailey, do you want to go out?”  I ran for the car and they let me jump in and then they just drove forever on the never-ending road.  They did not go to the dog park.  I thought they would take me for a long walk but they didn’t ever let me out of the car.  For a while they got out.  I didn’t ever get to leave the car.  It’s a dog world sometimes.


Sunday, April, 17, 2011

My mom and I changed the sheets today.  She does most of the work.  I am a careful watcher.  We also sat outside on the porch for a while but we had to wear a blanket.  It was still pretty cold but I like that it was fresh.  Mom tried to make me get in a blanket and stay on my back so she could pretend I am a baby, but I struggled so much she finally let me be a dog and get down.  She thinks I will run after other dogs and kill them.  She thinks I am very strong and brave.  I could not kill a dog even if it was a chihuahua.  I am old and weak.  But don’t tell her.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mario came today.  He was very thin but then he always is very thin.  Our Moms left us and went out.  We found some food under the counter and took turns scratching to bring it out so we could eat it.  Finally Mario got it out and we both sniffed it, but then neither of us wanted it.  It smelled like cardboard.  I only wanted it if Mario did.  Then I would have fought to the death for it.  After all, this is my house.  We hung out under the table at dinner but no one dropped anything.  We were a pair of hungry mongrels.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

his was an urgent day.  First we went urgently to the bank and then to the dog park.  I got to walk with Oliver and his mom, Margaret.  She is very nice to me and has shiny pretty hair.  Oliver is small.  He likes to lick me and sniff me.  I don’t quite get it.  I think I am okay but I don’t think I smell that good.  Still we walked a long way around the dog walk there at the park and ran in and out of each other’s leashes on the sidewalk.  My mother was very happy to see the sun shine.  When we got home the cleaning lady was here and she took me into her van and cleaned me.  She cut my fur very short.  It looks really cute.  Mom says I look like a “Skippy” now.  I think I look like a stuffed animal. 

When I was done getting pretty, my people left me and went out for a few hours.  When they came home, Mom could not see much.  Dad made dinner and Mom and I sat like queens, waiting.  I don’t remember the rest.  I was asleep.


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